Lean Partners works with each individual client to meet their demands, eliminating gaps in the implementation process and offer solutions for issues of varying sizes.

Lean Partners has a host of tools to improve efficiency and increase ROI. Whether it is identifying bottlenecks, time traps or non-value added work, we have the solution to make your process operating at its highest performance.

There are several aspects to achieving the highest level of productivity. The following are components that are vital to the success of your lean processes.

Lean Leadership

Leadership is what keeps your processes running in the right direction. Implementing lean practices requires clear leadership, a defined plan, coordination of resources and robust support systems to assure transformation. Our Lean leadership and management offerings equip leaders with the necessary skills to achieve long-term success in pursuing lean as a strategic initiative.

Lean Asset Management

When equipment and facilities are improperly used, the results can be detrimental to your throughput and capital investment. Overtime, equipment purchases, poor customer satisfaction and even facility expansion can be the direct result of ineffective use of your assets. Lean Asset Management is targeted to make the use of machines and equipment the most effective possible.

Lean Experts

Lean Experts are defined as those possessing the technical skills of various lean approaches, techniques, and tools. Their role is to be an internal technical resource used to identify lean opportunities, guide implementations of various projects, and develop others in their understanding of lean concepts and tools.

Lean Work Force

Workforce practices are the routine inputs and outputs executed by front-line workers and supervisors. These practices form the foundation of continual improvement cycles and enterprise transformation. They focus on the 3 key elements to lean- Discipline, Elimination of Waste, and standardization.

Lean Production and Material Logistics

Lean Production consists of basic introduction to lean concepts and tools and techniques to flowing the product at the demand of the internal and external customer. This is the backbone of the lean enterprise. Pull/Kanban, cellular flow, and work measurement and time studies are contributing factors to meet the demands of having lean production and material logistics.

Lean Office and Admin

Office processes are vital to the successful transformation of the value stream and are often the best target for impacting cost, quality, and delivery. While the concepts, tools, and techniques used to transform production are also applied equally well in transactional office processes, the offerings included here are designed to relate specifically to the front-office and other non-production audience.

Quality Management

Fixing quality issues is essential to maintaining productivity. Lean Partners offers quality methodologies to insure the productivity level for your processes. We offer a unique approach to ISO implementation and registration that is customized to each company's needs.Our methodology develops a policy manual, organized procedure, work instructions and all require forms to help in the beginning stages of your company’s development. Lean Partners also has the capabilities to perform a Gap Analysis for existing quality management systems to strategize and execute how to close the gap.

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