Lean Partners works side-by-side with your leadership team and employees to create sustainable and measurable improvements that generate bottom line results and engage critical early adopters.

Simplifying processes and improving workforce productivity is the foundation to saving you money. Since inception, we’ve generated more than $533 million in cost savings and cost avoidance on materials, labor, inventory and equipment for our customers.


Energy is a component that is often overlooked when trying to improve your bottomline. You can save up to 10% on your electric bill after taking the steps for your facility to conserve energy. Lean Partners utilizes tools developed by the Department of Energy to conduct a comprehensive review of energy consumption and identify potential energy savings. The result is a list of actionable recommendations and analysis showing potential savings dollars.

Lean Enterprises

Lean Partners provides a systematic method to seek out waste and eliminate unnecessary costs within your organization. By designing processes to increase material and information flow, the velocity at which the materials move through the system to generate revenue vastly improves while using the same or fewer resources.

Operational excellence, increase productivity