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Strong leadership and managers in an organization is key to its success

Lean Partners helps provide strategies to bring your leaders to reach their full potential. In addition to managers continuing to improve personally, it is vital that they teach, encourage, and motivate their team members or employees.

The objective of this strategy is for managers and supervisors at all levels to understand what’s needed from them and how they fit into the vision. They achieve above average results and are able to work on the business and in the business at the same time. They learn and apply new skills and are competent, trustworthy, authentic, courageous, and effective. They have a positive impact on people and their leadership is highly valued and respected.

The approach varies to meet the unique needs of the participants based on their roles and responsibilities. The focus for senior leaders is organizational development, strategic thinking, change leadership, and system problem solving. The focus for middle manager is people management, project management, leading teams, developing people, and strategy deployment. And the focus for first level supervisors and team leaders is measuring performance, managing and coaching people, facilitating daily improvement, root cause problem solving, and teamwork.

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