• Lean Strategy

We use a blue print of excellence to help our client achieve breakthrough results.

With a solid understanding of lean methodologies and leadership development, Lean Partners offers value-added services to our clients. It’s been our experience that sustaining bottom line improvement depends on how well the efforts match the needs of the business and deal with the technical and human issues that arise along the way. While this may seem like common sense, it isn’t common practice.

In order to develop the focus and level of support required for sustained improvement and cultural change, there must be a cause and effect relationship between the improvement activities and the overall business objectives. Unfortunately, the reality is that too many organizations approach change by utilizing tools like 5S or set-up reduction without first deciding what they want to achieve. This usually results in localized improvements that are difficult to sustain and little, if any, bottom line impact.

Lean methods directly result by increasing productivity and capacity utilization with existing resources. Reducing product lead times and inventory, while consistently delivering products on time and complete will increase results and customer satisfaction.

We can help you:

  • Develop a roadmap for improvement
  • Value Stream Map your process
  • Define and implement Lean Performance Measures
  • Create and execute Policy Deployment
  • Develop your Continuous Improvement System

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