Change agents are people from inside or outside of the organization who help an organization transform.

They are innovative leaders who are trained to build and lead systems rather than to solely lead people.

The objective is to dedicate and develop approximately 1% of the organization’s employees as change agents who are effective leaders, teachers, mentors, and coaches. They have a positive impact on the people they work with and are comfortable with a relatively high level of risk. These leaders are strong problem solvers with great people skills and are able to create and apply the tools the organization needs to achieve its vision through others. They are excellent facilitators and modify their approach to fit the situation.

Our approach is to assess and collaboratively determine the resources needed to support the improvement efforts including both the amount and level of resources. Based on the needs defined, we identify the potential people internal to the organization that could fit the needs, determine their interest level and gaps, and develop a plan specific to each individual to develop their skills in the areas of Lean, Six Sigma, facilitation, teaching, and leadership. Having the knowledge and skills developed can help your business’ sustainability, while your employees continue to grow.